Hello Palm Harbor business owners. Just looking over all the upcoming 2016 marketing trends being posted by my IM peers lately and there a few that I would like to share with you.

Time to go old school and look your potential clients in the eyes when promoting your product or service. The conversion rate of video vs traditional text/image media is through the roof. Add the expansion of video push by Google and Facebook ads and the trend will certainly be the number one game changer in the industry for 2016.

This is a continuing trend from the past few years that will become even more important in 2016. We all now know that over 60% of online searches are now being performed on a mobile device, that margin will continue to widen in the coming year. Pair this with Google’s latest algorithm updates that punish non-mobile websites in the SERP’s, your site MUST be mobile to be relevant in 2016.

As online competition grows, the costs to post ads will continue to rise in 2016. I have witnessed keywords that could be bid on for pennies rise to over $10 in the past 3 or 4 years. It is time to consider organic strategies to gain traffic even more now than ever.

A few other mentions: Email is NOT dead, telemarketing is NOT dead and offline strategies can be more effective than ever as your competition may be putting all their eggs into one online basket.

Mike Chamberlain
Redfish Web Design

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